july trip 2010 travel blog

it is getting colder as we travel south. we are now wearing jeans and jackets. i miss the heat. it was so warm up north. we are going to stay the night at a free camp called point lookout. it is on the Styx's river. the camp is 9km in on a dirt road. i have been on john's case about getting a 4wd caravan when we got to camp. i opened the van and found a lot of the stuff had falled out of the overhead cupboards. not happy. the place has no one around, it is beautiful. john had stopped early in the day and had chopped some fire wood. john loves his chain saw. john had a roaring fire going. we had a food laid out for dinner and the maggies helped themselves to our food. they were so cheeky. it was fun to see how clever they were. at 6pm it was 1 degree. we had very blanket on the bed we could find. it was the coldest night of the trip. it was minus 2 when we awoke in the morning. there was a beautiful white frost everywhere. the maggies helped us cook our brekky and we were on our way home.

4 half weeks has gone so fast. we have a list of things we need to do to the van. our second part to our trip will be in about 5 to 6 weeks.


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