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Whooah we're half way there, livin on a prayer. Yes we have reached the half way point of our trip. Today it was just a case of getting from Cambodia to Thailand. We left our guest house at 7.30am after a bowl of Pho each and walked down to a neighbouring guest house to be picked up for our journey. I walked with rucksack on my back, but Angie had let on of the little girls from the guest house carry hers, she is all heart. We got on the bus and were given the seats right behind the driver, which was good in the sense we could look through the front window, but there was absolutely no leg room, I could just fit my feet in, it's a good job we aren't on this bus for the whole 10 hour journey. The trip to the border was uneventful, and took just two and a half hours so we arrived there just before 11am. We were met at the place the bus dropped us by a rep from the Thai company that was taking us the rest of the way and a hoard of locals, all trying to grab our bags and carry them the 50 yards to immigration, for a fee of course, we carried our own bags. We checked out of Cambodia then walked about 150 yards past a couple of casinos to check into Thailand, we waited in a queue for about 20 minutes then we were all through. The transport to the new companies "office" was a jeep, the men climbed up to sit on the benches in the back while the women got to ride in the cab. Once there we discovered the "office" was a restaurant, so everybody bought meals and drinks and sat there waiting for the bus, although we didnt have anything to eat as we had a bagful of stuff we had bought from the bakery in Siem Reap. While we were sat there, we had another almighty storm, this was the worst we had seen so far, the thunder made me jump as it echoed of the corrugated iron roof of the restaurant. The water began to come inside, eventually we sat there with our feet getting wet and all our bags on the tables, watching the frogs hopping around under the tables.

At just after 2pm, some three hours after we had arrived at the border, we were ready to get on the bus to Bangkok, again a pretty uneventful journey, we arrived on the edge of Bangkok at 5.15, drove through the worst rush hour traffic I have ever seen and were dropped off on the other side of Bangkok at 7.40pm, what a nightmare. We were then greeted by the usual gaggle of taxi drivers all trying to get your business. The one I chose looked at where our hotel was on the map and offered to do the job for 900 baht (£18) I managed to get him down to 400 baht and although this was still 100 baht above the going rate we both agreed at that price. We then had to crawl back through the traffic from whence we had just come and eventually arrived at our hotel just after 9pm.

After being on the move for thirteen and a half hours we just checked in, ate a rather expensive meal and drank an even more expensive beer from the hotel reception and went to bed.

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