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Dr Fish feet massage

After the exercusions of yesterday and a day on the road tomorrow, we decided to have a lazy and indulgent day today, nothing much happened in the morning apart from a bit of reading then finalising the hotel booking for Bangkok tomorrow, they couldnt give us the room I wanted so had to upgrade.

We took a gentle stroll into town around lunchtime, got as far as Pub Street and stopped for a beer and something to eat, then had another couple of beers. Had a wander around the market, where Angie bought some elephant earings and almost bought an elephant bracelet, but declined. Then it was back to Pub Street for another few beers and to buy a few books, a couple of a landmine victim and one off of one of the children hawkers, I think I am getting a soft touch. We then went and had a "Dr Fish" foot massage where you put your feet into a tank full off fish and they eat all the dead skin. Its very ticklish at first but you soon get used to it and can really tell the difference even after just 10 minutes. We then went inside and had a full Khmer body massage. We had to go upstairs of the shop and change out of our clothes into loose fitting pyjama type things, then a girl and lad come in to do the massage, unfortunately I got the lad. The 30 minute massage was very good, although not the most relaxing, it was quite vigourous, but left you feeling very supple at the end. While we were in there the heavens opened so we couldnt walk back to the guest house, so it was back to Pub Street for another beer, till the rain stopped. We then wandered back via a couple of bakeries to buy supplies for the long bus journey tomorrow.

We got back to the guest house showered and changed and back to the centre of Siem Reap for the final time. Before we could go to Pub Street, we had to go back to the old market, as Angie had bought a couple of patches to go on her shorts, one to cover up the rip she got off a chair in a bar in Chau Doc. One the repairs had been made it was back to Pub Street, for a beer or three and our evening meal. Angie had a chicken curry, but I went for one of the local specialities called a Degustation, which is a combination of the hotpot we had in Hong Kong and a bbq. There was a dome shape coming out of the centre of the pan on which you barbecued meat, while your vegetables cooked in what turned out to be a soup, in the bottom. You are given 4 types of meat to cook, I had beef, shrimps, crocodile and snake. The crocodile was similar to pork while the snake was fairly chewy but still tasted ok. When we had finished there and also bumped into the Canandian girls that seemed to have followed us everywhere since Chau Doc there was just time for one last trip to the old market. Angie had decided she wanted the elephant bracelet after all, and after a bit of bartering she got it. Then a gentle stroll back to the guest house for the final time.

Tomorrow we will set off for Thailand and Bangkok and say goodbye to Cambodia. Our thoughts of Cambodia are fairly mixed, we enjoyed our time there although some of it was harrowing, not only the museums in Phnom Penh, but also the amount of landmine victims you see without limbs and the amount of children hawking their wares in the streets. We did however find the people, friendly and despite their troubles they had a great sense of humour, particularly the children selling stuff in the streets. We both liked Siem Reap and thought it was similar to a small resort on the Med. Although I liked Phnom Penh, due to its wide tree lined avenues and the fact it has very few tall buildings, Angie found this the most disappointing of the large cities we have visited so far.

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