2010 RV Rally travel blog

New River at Grandview (looking left)

New River at Grandview (looking right)

Mary and Larry at Grandview

July 29, Thursday: This was a lay-back-and-do-nothing sort of day. We drove around the Bluegrass Country admiring all the old dry stone fences and some rather new looking McMansions. Saw lots of them for sale, too.

July 30, Friday: Today we left Kentucky and drove back to West Virginia. We’re camping at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine. We decided to take the interstates instead of the (much) more circuitous route through the mountains of southern KY just because we had a time constraint.

We got to the campground by 12:30 and had plans to set up and take a long nap before heading out this evening. But the folks who were in the campsite had some issues and weren’t going to be leaving until 4:00, so we parked, had lunch, and took a short nap. We got into the site and set up by shortly after 5:00 and left for Grandview, part of the New River Gorge National River. We walked out to the viewing spot and overlooked about 7 miles of the New River. The gorge is about 1400 feet deep at this point and sits on a horseshoe curve.

The Theatre West Virginia is here also. It’s an outdoor theatre set in a hillside, and we stayed for the evening performance of Hatfields & McCoys, a musical about the feuding families. Larry had read the book and so we wanted to see it. There was a cast of thousands and the staging was good, but the story was sort of grim. I’m not sure how many McCoys were killed, probably about 7 or 8, but there sure was a lot of shooting. Some say the feud began when Roseanne McCoy ran off with Johnse Hatfield and then he wouldn’t marry her. Definitely a shooting offense in 1880 in the hills of Kentucky and West Virginia. Others say it was an argument over who owned a pig. The former reason makes a better story line, though.

We have seen really hot and humid days for the past week and a half. The temps have been in the 90s and it felt like the humidity was the same. Today we got back to WV and the weather has turned cooler and much less humid. A very nice change. We have even turned off the AC and opened the windows. I feel as if I’m camping now.

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