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There has been action since my last post.

We did the washing early as there was blue sky - when the washing was washed there was rain! Barry strung some ropes up under the awnning and we sat amongst the wet washing. Mid morning we we went for a walk along the esplanade and up to Kings Beach. The humidity was very high. We found our way back into town and window shopped. After lunch in the van we went back into town and found the library. Barry read the papers and I looked at books. The washing took ages to dry even though the sun was shining because of the humidity and the cushions in the van felt damp.

When we came back to the van a camper trailer was being set up right behind the van. So close it's ropes were touching the van - that is how squishy the park is! Lovely people, but makes you really aware of having other people so close.

On Friday the sun shone all day - yes truly! We stayed at the park relaxing and enjoying no rain. The Jeep spare part was sent to Noosa instead of Maroochydore, so Barry organised a hire car through RAC as we were concerned that we would go stir crazy all weekend. We had a Nissan Tiida - nice car. We went for a drive to Maroochydore - didn't like the place before and still don't like it! We then went to Mooloolaba - much nicer :) Walked up and down deciding where to eat when we were offered a taster of pizza - that was it - we shared the best pizza we have ever had.

Saturday we decided to go to Montville - where we were heading to when the Jeep had it's little problem. Barry was cooking the bacon for a sandwich when the phone rang - RACQ with the part!!! He was available then to fix the Jeep - woo hoo.

The guy was so helpful as he used to work for Chrysler and on Jeeps - he gave Barry heaps of good advice and also explained that the caravan did not cause the problem and not point in changing Jeep to another deisel 4wd as they all have the same issues - phew - as the others would not fit in the garage!

We finally made it to Montville and had a glorious day. We ate a punnett of the biggest strawberries that tasted of strawberries and they only cost $3. The were so big we had to bite pieces off them :)

Yesterday we left Caloundra - yaaaaay (love Caloundra - really did not like the caravan park). Wanted to go back to Chinderah Village caravan park, but it is full, so we are across the road at the Hacienda in Chinderah. Heaps better spot than the Chinderah Village. We have a waterfront site. We have a large grassed area running down to the river with palm trees and a little sandy beach. We have our own picnic table by the van. The park is very clean and tidy and so are the amenities. There are a lot of permanent sites here, but the are so clean and cute - not like the others that we have come across. The laundry has 6 - yes 6 - washing machines. You may not understand how exciting that is - but believe me it is LOL! Today I am washing everything that needs washing - the sun is shining and the washing will dry! Chris and Kaye are planning to bring their van down on Saturday night and we will have another catchup. We are planning to stay here for just over a week - maybe longer as the weather moving down is still not too good.

The sun is shining so time for me to make a move and open windows, get showered and get that washing done LOL :)

Over and out

M and B xxxx

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