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Bear Van Winkle started the search

Huckle'Bear'y Picking - letterbox nearby

closeup of Dumpster Diver -bug on nose

Diana looks for the butterfly on Support Our Troops


Cozy Brewin has fur on it!

Gentleman Jack Diamond

symbol might be evergreen tree next to butterfly

Birdie Bear has birds all over it!

Grateful Bear

My sister, Dot, told me about the Quest that Cairo had last year to find special symbols in bear statues around Cairo and neighboring towns, then match those symbols to answers for questions about Henry Hudson's visits to this area. I wished I was here for that, as that type of thing is right up my alley! The girls from high school wanted to meet up again for dinner, and I suggested we meet somewhere that would be on my way back to the campground. Theresa said the bears are out again so we went there to see them.

I picked up Diana after work (she got out an hour early) and we got a head start on Theresa and Phyllis. We found out that the bears are different ones from last year and that there is another quest - this time around the theme of the early days of Cairo and vicinity. And there was a letterbox hidden in Cairo related to the bears too! You can imagine how happy I was and Diana got into the game as well. We had a blast looking for the butterflies with symbols in them somewhere on the bears and starting to fill in the answer sheet. It was hard to find a butterfly on some of them and hard to find which butterfly on others! The first letterbox stamp was a bear and the second one (is missing) was a butterfly! How neat! I have now called these the Care O'Bears!

When Theresa and Phyllis came up, they drove around and looked at the bears but they didn't know about the Quest, so after we told them, they finished going around town and started looking for the magic butterfly! We met for supper at the town's pizza joint and had a great time visiting. We will meet again before I (and others) leave the area!

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