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Crossing Paths

Power of Suggestion - would a person sunbathe at the stairway to...

At Long Last - they sealed the business deal!

Photo Session - fun to catch one in action!

Between Appointments - familiar scene at some of the parks!

State Education Building - worked there 19 yrs. Cf to bldg Dept...

NYS Capitol - we used to be able to eat lunch around...

Albany City Hall

State Agency Bldgs and Justice Bldg in foreground

Museum, Corning Tower, and Egg at the Empire State Plaza

After seeing a movie with the Movie Mavens on Sunday afternoon and spending the night with dear friends, I roamed the streets of downtown Albany to find all the statues done by Seward Johnson and placed here and there. I ate lunch in the park where I ate so many times while working at the Education Department (19 years!). While it is nice to see the city again, I still have no regrets about moving on to my current lifestyle and I'm not the type to get homesick! Enjoy the few pictures I have posted. There are 16 statues, after all!

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