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Another day of traveling, this time from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, a trip we were taking by bus, the other way would have been a boat, but our schedule doesnt allow for that amount of time.So up and breakfast and out by 7am, the bus left Phnom Phen at 7.30, it was supposed to be an executive coach, their idea of executive and mine obviously differ a bit, although it did have a toilet on and Angies seat reclined even when she did not want it too. Nothing too exciting to report on this trip. Stopped on the way and some people on the coach bought deep fried bugs, I thought about it then decided against it, not with another 3 hours bus ride.

Arrived at Siem Reap and took a tuk tuk to the hotel for a dollar, although the driver was trying to hastle me to book him for the day tomorrow. The guest house (Bunnath) is clean and the building has plenty of character. Settled in straight away and sat on the balcony watching a very heavy storm, the type we had been expecting more here during the rainy season but hadnt encountered rain anything like this since we left Hong Kong.

We have booked a tuk tuk through the hotel for tomorrow morning to take us around for the day. We want tpo see the sunrise over Angkor Wat so will be picked up at 4.30am so an early start and therefore an early bed for us.

So we headed into town about 5pm, when the rain had stopped to check it out. It is more geared to tourists, particularly western ones than anywhere else we have visited so far, They have a street called pub street, guess what that is full of? Most of them selling beer fo 33p a glass. As we walked along we were approached by a cheeky young (10 years old I later discovered) Khmer boy selling postcards, he had great patter for one so young. When he discovered we were from England, he informed us that was part of the UK, then listed all the countries that were part of the UK and their capitals, plus the population of the uk and the prime ministers going all the way back to James Callaghan. He left us alone when he realised we werent going to buy , but then returned when he saw us in the restaurant. He also bought with him two girls who were selling postcards. We had a long chat to them and a real laugh and joke too. The girls disappeared but the lad stayed chatting to us telling us the money he made from selling postcards put him through school, as it costs $15 a month, so at the end of the chat we gave him a few dollars as he had entertained us so well.

Also arriving in the restaurant were 3 girls who had arrived in Phnom Penh on the same boat as us and who I had got talking to in the minibus on the way into the city. We also bumped into them at the killing fields yesterday too. Its a small world on this trail around asia. As I sit here writing this I have 7 geckos above my head and two horrible looking critters around my feet, so going to bed now as we have a 4.30am start in the morning to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat.

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