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Lesotho! That kindom of the sky, the only country completely surrounded by one other country, and with the highest low point of any country. Anyways, so like why not do a 4 day trek riding a pony, stay in some villages, and try to educate the kids that asking for sweets is just plain rude until you said hello, exchanged a few pleasantries, got to know me a bit, and then maybe I'll share some food. And candies are just not good for your teeth.

Anyways, me, Christopher (a polish travel writer), and Manseco, our local guide trotted through the mountains, through little villages, and got to chat with the chiefs of each town. Well, really only one of them spoke english and he couldn't believe that we would not be married and be 30 years old. Sorry man, but it costs 23 cows to pay for a bride, and I just don't have that type of money. I'll have to work harder. Also, on our third day, it was freezing. I mean, I put on all my clothes, and i was shivering, so I had to get off, and walk up a couple mountain passes, pulling my pony, Saga, through the wind. We stopped at a 'herd boy's' hut for lunch to try to warm up. He had a small fire in his rock and straw hut and we fed him and he told us how he stayed all winter up in this remote valley, herding his goats, living in his hut, and living off meal (pap!), and some goats milk (straight from the nipple!) as a supplement. Anyways, the trip ended well, on a warm note, and I ended up trying my go at the local soccer practice, but it ended up being more conditioning drills than playing with the soccer ball, which I suck at both of them. Anyways, 2 days and I'll be in the second mother land, the UK. WORD!

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