The Years B.D. (Before Daisy...Before Digital) travel blog

Laura and Mearl Rounsaville and Ted Beck

Ted, Wanda, Diana and Marty Beck (mostly hidden)

Laura Rounsaville, Dale and Wanda Beck

Laura Rounsaville and Glenda Alexander

Diana Beck and Glenda Alexander

Glenda Alexander and Nelle Rounsaville Anderson

Glenda Alexander, Mearl Rounsaville and Wanda Beck at Mearl's Grocery

This was my first vacation since becoming an employee of Phillips Petroleum Company. It had been a long time since I had seen the Rounsaville family. They had moved to Madera from Seagraves, Texas when Wanda and I were in high school. I had not met her husband, Ted Beck, and their family. They seem like relatives. In fact, when we were small, Wanda and I thought that we were cousins. We called each other’s parents Aunt and Uncle.

I flew to Fresno and Wanda picked me up from the airport. This was a wonderful vacation for me.

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