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the front taken from The Old Post Road from NY to Albany

Old Post Road is kept intact here - main thoroughfare from NYC...

the southwest corner - love that tower!

the addition became the main entrance - that's a handicapped entrance to...

looking at the entrance from inside! this is a light room

wallpaper throughout a long dining hall tells stories

I was impressed with the paper!

ladies' sitting room with musical instruments - pianos and this!

breakfast warmer was precursor to a midrowave!

ornate designs done by architect Upjohn

his drawing room

kitchen - black cast iron stove and oven across the way -...

laundry room had running water using an indoor pump!

library with his favorite self image - he had 3 made! 1...

porcelain potty!

looking up the stairs to the tower!

his bedroom

son's bedroom was my favorite one with those blinds!

Mom and I had a day to explore, so we went across the Hudson River to see mansions and gardens. We weren't disappointed, either!

We got to Martin Van Buren's homestead just in time to take a guided tour of his renovated house! The ranger was very knowledgeable and friendly and the tour group was small enough to make the tour quite enjoyable. I can't remember all the facts and trivia that was stated on this tour, but if you care to, you can read all about it and see a good picture of the dark dining hall by going to

I wish we could have gone up into that tower, but Van Buren did in order to view his estate!

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