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Today will commence my second monumental journey from Honduras back to the United States [on land] along the migrant trail. i´ve left all material items home, including my beeper, head to head football and my twitter feed [does that even make sense]. I have packed my video camera, a voice recorder, which I never use, and the two latest editions of Us Weekly. I´m traveling light, although not as light as last year. You see, I couldn't resist bringing all my new $5 V-neck shirts from Target. I did bring my requisite Yankees cap and Enrique Iglesias t-shirt for good luck. I plan to travel as the migrants do.

My objective is simple: work the streets hard and continue with my research. I shall not deviate from my plan. I am focused and ready to carry out a productive month of fieldwork.

I have two angles this year. 1)experience and document ´the journey´of an illegal central american migrant to the US, including but not limited to the many daily hardships and dangers they encounter. 2) develop a humble documentary on an incredible Woman´s Group near Cordoba, Mexico that prepares and dispenses food to the migrants clinging onto the moving cargo train. I`ll discuss this more later.

The method I choose, as always, is improvisation. My daily life is filled with indecisiveness and second-guessing, so this shall be no different. The vast majority of my decision making will be carried out on the spot...with lots of uncertainty. That`s how I role.

So, no plan just some goodwill and a few leads. Along the way I have a few hands to shake.

Godwilling, I shall be back home in New York in mid August...

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