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sneaking into Guate

I learned a few things during my pleasant overnight bus ride: 1) I can sleep through anything 2) I always sit on the left side of the bus. The ride was a short 8 hours and I slept the majority of the time. The flowmax kept my prostate in check and my 24 hour fast kept my bowels in check. The odd thing I realized is the whole left side thing. I recapped all the bus rides so far, and even some memorable excursions from the past, and there it was. Left Side. Why is that? Whenever I enter a bus and walk down the aisle, I always sit on right side: Therefore, as we ride, I¨m sitting on the left side. Strange.

Anyway, I arrived at the Honduran Border crossing of Agua Caliente (loosely and not so loosely translated as Hot Water) bright and early at 6AM. The two Hondu I met on the bus disappeared quickly into a barrage of confusion and sleepiness. That was the last I saw of them...so far.

I decided to hang around and figure of how this place is run. After hanging around for more than 5 hours, the movement is still unclear. Ostensibly anyone who will be traveling up North gets ripped off...and ripped off...and ripped off. Generally speaking, Hondu that arrives on a bus has one of two options: 1) pay a trafficker, bypass the Hondu Immigration office and hike through the montañas and exit past the Guatemalan Immigration Office. 2) be ushered by a great mass of money changers, smugglers and bad people into the Hondu Immigration Office, pay a bride and continue on down the road to the Guatemalan Immigration Post.

I wanted to do it a la Hondureno so I hired Rodrigo, the "nice" Hondu guide to take me through the mountains and bypass the official border crossing. It was a nice hike, a bit warm and we had to cross a river. To my deep regret, we didn´t encounter any illegal Hondu on the trails nor did we run into the corrupt police, either Hondu or Guatemalan, to take a bride. Nevertheless, it was an adventure!

From the Guatemalan side, I hitched into town and went to my friend, Fredy´s hotel. He was happy to see me. I was happy to see a bed.

After a BA nap, Fredy took me to a ranch to fire an Israeli hand gun. I wasn´t really expecting to fire a gun today, but it was exhilirating. I pretended I was shooting at the bad people. Im a good shot!

Tomorrow I´m heading deeper into Guatemalan on the Migrant Route. Godwilling.

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