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Today I woke up in Esquipulas, Guatemala with some pronounced gastrointestinal discomfort. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this is an old battle I´ve fought before, one that has almost taken me out on a few occasions. Nothing some street food can´t remedy. Instead of getting up at the crack of dawn and heading out of town, I decided to wake up to E! Entertainment and stay another day here. The plan: research the streets in search of vintage garb and socks. Yes, you are reading this correctly. I have a thing for goofy socks...amongst other odd things. Shortly into my street odyssey, I found what I was looking for: a vintage Vinny Testaverde jersey. I pounced on that shit for a cool $1.78. With that gem, I knew I was headed towards a productive day. I meandered and found my tall glass of freshly squeezed juice and sliced papaya. Later on in the morning, Fredy, my Guatemalan friend, picked me up to show me around town. We visited a rock, a cave and we watched drugged lions sleep...at night. After our touristic excursion, we did what everyone does in Central America whole lotta nothing. We sat in a plaza and talked about stuff. Fredy introduced me to a few friends that are "connected". Not sure what they are connected with but through these gentleman, I have arranged to meet at 6AM tomorrow morning with a gentleman to monitor the flow of indocumentados. Celso is his name. He is the person that runs the Rutas Orientales Bus Terminal which is the Hondurans departure point to the northern border with Mexico. According to my sources, the indocumentados arrive btw 6-9AM from Honduras and from there they journey one of two routes: 1) through northern Guatemala into the Peten near the Mayan Ruins of Tikal, which is very remote and jungly 2) through Guatemala City and then to Tecun Uman in western Guatemala, which traditionally is the more transited route. However, due to the precarious conditions that the indocumentados face more and more are heading through the Peten. The flow of peeps will determine my route. If I find muchas personas that are going one route, I will follow. As always, I drive and God guides... hasta la próxima.

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