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Pic of Tina's parent's RV

Drove the RV to Stillwater, Nova Scotia today for an overnight stay at a cute campground on a lake. Along the way we stopped at Memory Lane Heritage Village, a museum village showing life in Nova Scotia in the 40s and 50. It wasn’t anything special, but it was a good break from driving. The Tracks leaders cooked a spaghetti dinner for everyone and we all brought the appetizers, salads and desserts. Everything was delicious and we ate too much. After dinner we played a few games of Track-O. It is similar to Bingo, but instead of a Bingo card we used our Track-O sheets. These are the sheets that were used to get everyone acquainted when we had to get each person on the tour to sign a square on the sheet. There is a moose that is passed from RV to RV during the tour and the moose is given either to people who have done something dumb or something helpful or good. We got it tonight because we hosted the korn hole game last night. After dinner several people on the tour fished in the lake. Now we have to watch and figure out who deserves it next.

Tracks pro: the dinner and games were good. con: today was our 4th day without sewer hookups

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