Summer in New York travel blog

goats and pony behind the outhouse. Notice the still on the haybales?

Tyler announces the band - Colleen covers food

Hillbillies finish eating

best-dressed hillbilly, Tyler, father Tom, dancer

Melrose Kelly

dancin' to the tunes of Senior Moments

The hoedown is a highlight of the summer here at Kellystone Park. I was allowed to close the store 2 hours early in order to get dinner and enjoy the band. I missed the kids' games of frog racing, tug-of-war, and egg-tossing and I'm sure they were fun for the kids!

The band, called Senior Moments, consisted of a couple who are related to the Kellys. They played for whatever amount was put into a passed hat. Their songs consisted mostly of old church favorites and hymns, and it was weird for me to see people dancing to those songs. I even got out there with Tyler and danced hillbilly style! I wore a scarf around my neck and a cowboy hat to try to play the part.

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