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Walkers creek

Walkers creek

we left walkers creek and headed for normanton. we restocked with some meat, fresh bread.

we found this butchery it was just like a bulk warehouse full of grocery all in huge sizes. silverside pack the smallest size was 20$ worth. the chicken breast came in 2kg frozen blocks. they had their own smoked goods as well. i really enjoyed just being in there. john had found the bakery. we had the best lamingtons i have ever had. the old fellow had baked them. john was in heaven. he loves his sweets.

we continued on to croydon. it was a really good surprize. we had a cold beer at the pub. we parked our van and set our camp chairs on the footpath. we had our lunch in the shade of a lovely treee. an local john spoke to at the pub had suggest a drive out to bellmore dam. we did the tourist walk around town. it was well sign posted and easy to do. even john enjoyed it. they had even thought of the dog there was even tie up spots for the dog. we went to the bellmore dam. john and bronson went for a swim. i didn't because there was a sign warning abour crocs. there was a couple of young lads swimming in the dam i said is there crocs. one of them said no one has been eaten so it was aafe.john and bronson cooled off. i stayed on shore.

we continued on to gilbert river. it was the biggest dry river i had ever seen. it was a free stop with about 12 in the camp. it was very dusty but everyone got together to have a chat. i was doing prep for dinner and joh couldn't get over how hot it was in the van. he took the temp it was 34 degreer. i thought it was suppose to be cooler up here at this time of the year. the heat and memopause don 't go well together. john and i went for a walk after dinner. it felt really weird to be walking in a dry river bed. the river was as wide as the clarance and as deep but there was no water. there was no need for a fire that night but john still lit one because he could. july 14th

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