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We woke up late and had breakfast me and Dad went out for a 18 kilometre bike ride. Mum was ill again but we took her to a doctor and he gave her some eye drops. We first drove to our guides house. Our guide is Malaysian. His house has got a whole room filled with bikes helmets and protective pads. He even has his own casualty tree were he puts all his broken helmets and bikes. We saw lots of chickens and cats.

We got our bikes and started the bike trip. Most of the path is through the forest. The guide told us to watch out for falling branches and avoid spiky logs. We passed loads of trees and ferns and got shaded by the trees. In Malaysia the workers have one happy hour every work day to do whatever they want. We passed lots of houses and villagers. They built houses on stilts to stop rats from getting in. We saw a Rambutan tree and tried some. Rambutang's are oval shaped and are encased in a prickly shell. Despite its appearance Rambutan is very sweet and tasty. We also passed a pineapple bush. Pineapple is called that because in the old times British travellers thought everything grows on trees. And pineapples are covered in pines. Pineapples actually grow in little clusters on the ground.

There are loads of fruit growing in the villages we passed. There was Mangosteen queen of the fruits. If you turn a Mangosteen upside down you will see red bumps coming from the segment. Eg if there is one red bump then there is 1 segment of fruit. One of the villagers used a stick to get some of the Mangosteen down. Some Malay people use Pineapples as decoration. Some parts of Malaysia are very rural. The best part of the bike ride was probably the rubber trees. Our guide showed us how to get the rubber from the inside of the tree. He made a rubber ball which was surprisingly bouncy. I tried bouncing the rubber ball it was like an elastic ball. We saw lots of monkey playing in the trees stealing fruit. We passed really big termite mounds, you could see tunnels made from the termites. We ate Banana crisps at a restaurant before heading back to the guides house. In Malaysia they use banana as flour.

There are lots of villages we passed. The bike trek was really good I learnt lots about fruit, like Lime can cure scurvy and if you rub the inside of a bananas skin against a mosquito bite then it will stop the itchiness.

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