CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

How cute, at long last we have finally seen a 'Joey' in...

The backpackers all ready and raring to go!

Oh hurry up and take that photo, we can't smile much longer!

Patrick trying to be 'Spider Man'!

Patrick and CJ stopping for a rest!

Guys where are you??

What a view from the top!

Just taking in the views!

It's even better from up here!

Don't jump, it can't be that bad!!

Wanting to get out of the city for a bit, Becky and Patrick finally agreed on where to go for our day out, and a 'picnic at Hanging Rock was the outcome (although the actual picnic occurred on the side of a road as we couldn't find a picnic spot).

Hanging Rock is about 1 hour outside of Melbourne and is a strange formation of rocks, with one particular rock named 'Hanging Rock' (as it sits wedged on top of another one!). The area is mainly known for it's part in a famous novel whereby a group of young girls went for a picnic up in the mountains around the rocks, and 4 went missing, and were never found. The place is quite eery because of this tale, and you wouldn't want to go up there at night or on your own!

After a trek up the to the top of the rock formations we had built up an appetite, so we set off for a drive to find somewhere a bit less touristy for our picnic, maybe this was a bit of a bad move because 2 hrs later having driven down various dirt tracks, although we weren't lost (well that's what Patrick kept insisting!) we couldn't find anywhere to stop for our picnic, so we opted for a nice spot down a country lane looking out across the fields of Victoria, and what a tasty picnic it was!

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