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Bucasia Beach

Gracie & Susie playing

Plumed Whistling Ducks

Australian White Ibis

View from the pub




Many Turtles

Gracie relaxing in the car

Arrived yesterday (Monday 13/07) at Bucasia which is just outside of Mackay just after lunch.

The caravan park (Bucasia Beachfront) is not very large but is really nice and is right on the beach which is a real plus. Jim, Trevor and Gracie had a great splash in the ocean, Gracie especially enjoyed retrieving a coconut. The only way they could get the coconut from Gracie was to hold onto the coconut and drag Gracie's head under the water until she needed to breath whereby releasing her grip on the coconut. Gracie now has two coconuts and is very protective of them. Gracie has made friends with the dog next door (Susie) and they have been having a great time playing.

Wedneday - Jim has teamed-up with the guy next door to have a go on his wind surfer, that is if the wind comes up.

At the moment its about 24c, sunny and no wind.

At the door of the camper begging for food this morning there were heaps of ducks which we are not allowed to feed but they got something anyway. According to my bird book they are Plumed Whistling Ducks. You would think that the sound they make would be a whistle but apparently not. They got their name from the sound their wings create as they fly.

The Australian White Ibis (he other bird in the photo) is not stupid. It associates where the food is, and that's where the ducks are.

Jim and I had lunch at Eimeo Hotel which is renouned for its million dollar view overlooking islands such as Bramption, Keswick and St Bees among tens of others ivisible on a sparkling sunny day.

Today (Thursday) we are off to Finch – Hatton Gorge and Eungella. During our walk at Finch Hatton a snake was spotted laying across the path, so fearless Marg picked up a small stone and threw it at the snake which promptly moved on and we continued on our way.

After our lunch at Eungella we went out platypus spotting at Broken River. We managed a brief sighting of a platypus but it quickly disappeared under water. There were lots of turtles massed around the bottom of the obversation deck obviously knowing where the food comes from although we couldn't feed them as we didn't have any food.

During lunch three out of four of us got pooed on from a bird in a tree. I won't mention the three involved but lets say Jim was not one of them!!!! On our way home we stopped off and bought two tattslotto tickets as it is suppose to be lucky to have a bird poo on you. During our visit to the national park Gracie was very comfy in the back of the Watson's car.

On the road to Rockhampton tomorrow which will be our last stop prior to reaching home on Tuesday with the Watsons continuing on their way to Canberra.

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