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A farm house

Lunch stop with goats

The Eastern Desert

Luxury hotels

From our balcony at Hurghada

Shopping street

Up at 6:30 to pack and shower, then down for a quick breakfast. I had a piece of bread as the stomach still wasn't well... We piled into van and headed off to Hurghada . The first part of the trip took us through an agricultural region irrigated by the Nile. Seemed to be a very poor area with many very small mud brick homes. Then we left the green behind and went off through the Eastern Desert. Very volcanic terrain, but the occasional shrub or tree indicated that this got more water than the Western Desert.

We finally spotted the Red Sea and turned North. Resort after resort after resort... Some looked like fantasy palaces, a number of signs advertising real estate for sale – in Russian, German and English. As we entered the suburbs of Hurghada the houses, all multi-story buildings, looked very expensive. According to Said, they would run about $500,000 or more. Still more resorts...

We got to our hotel, The Sunrise Holidays Resort, and checked in. Alice and I got a very nice room overlooking the beach and sea, but the other two families got really poor rooms with bad views and smells... They will be move on the morrow.

At lunch I felt better so had some rice and stir fried chicken, then went for a swim. The water was very cool and salty, so floating was easy. We had gotten the “all inclusive” package which meant free food and drinks, so I had a couple beers. Bad move. Stomach started acting up again so after a little time on the beach chatting back to the room.

Went to dinner and had half a salad and some fruit, then we got a local taxi and headed to the downtown waling area. Same hustlers as everywhere else in Egypt but not quite as aggressive, and some shops with actual prices on things!

Back to the hotel early and to bed. Feeling a little better but still on the edge. Tomorrow will be a better day!

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