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The next stop was Cambodia's Capital,Phnom Penh!? there were a few places togo here and we missioned around to some bars etc!? heard about a "lady" bar in the lonely planet, cant remember the name, cherry summin or other!!? 6 of us went there and had the most bizarre response!? 6 white westerners in a bar that was full of about 30 Cambodian prostitutes, haha!? the roof almost came off when we entered!!? that was a strange experience but funny to watch my mates awkward face when he was gettin his neck yanked by a 40 summin Cambodian trying to give him a massage!!? we stayed for 2 rounds n bolted with, wallets n trousers intact, thank god!!

the next day we went to the killing fields n S21!? the killing fields where all the bodies of the cambodian genocide were taken to be tortured and executed!? n S21 an old school turned into a torture and prison for those unfortunate enough to be taken there!? i learnt later on that the Japanese actual own the rights to the killing fields and that the families of the victims don't see a penny, which would have influenced my decision to go there had i known!?

before we visited here tho, we went and shot an ak-47, that was amazing, i really want 1, haha!!? and we got sum pics with a variety of arsenal, gangster!!? shooting an ak tho, was sooo much fun and so loud!!? awesome!!?

the pics are not for the faint hearted!!

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