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Looking up at "Old Main" at Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

Another "Old Main" view at Marshall University.

Marshall University, where Willis graduated with his BA.

Marshall University

Blayde thinks it is way to humid here in Huntington, WV, today.

This sits right in the middle of the Marshall University campus...

"Punkin Center School" (previous picture explains about it.)

Did you ever see the show "Jamie's Kitchen". This is it! (Renamed...

Today was spent enjoying a return visit to Huntington, WV, home of Marshal University (Will’s alma mater). We saw a few things we had seen before and a couple of new local attractions, too.

The morning was spent at Marshall University. While Blayde and I enjoyed the flowers outside Willis stopped into the bookstore to buy a new green Marshall polo shirt (he wore his old one out) and he bought me a new Marshall tank top. (Hmmmm, I just bought a Purdue t-shirt, but perhaps he wanted equal time for Marshall.)

We then headed downtown for a walk along Harris Riverfront Park. This park along the Ohio River is well maintained and provided us with an enjoyable place to walk and visit. From there we walked over to Pullman Square, enjoyed lunch, and then we walked to The Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center.

The Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center originally opened on May 7, 1928 and was (at the time it was built) the second largest theater in the country (it seated 3000). Although it stopped showing movies in 2006, it still is home to the Huntington Symphony Orchestra, film festivals, etc. They don’t make movie theaters like this one anymore. The ornate stage, light fixtures, theater entrance, and ticket booth were beautiful and made me think of the fancy theaters I’ve seen in old Greta Garbo and Clark Gable movies. I could easily imagine people all dressed up going out for a “night on the town” in this theater.

Another stop involved Jamie Oliver. Do you know who he is? If you are a “foodie” like me you do! Jamie Oliver (also known as “The Naked Chef”) started up “Jamie's Kitchen” in Huntington, WV. The goal of this kitchen, in Jamie’s website’s words, “is somewhere people from the local community can go to learn about food and find out how to cook. It's the first in America and Jamie hopes that it will inspire people to set up more centers all over the US.” Once he was done filming here as part of his “Food Revolution” he donated the kitchen to Ebenezer Medical Outreach so they can continue to teach healthy cooking, try to improve the quality of school lunches and encourage kids to cook rather than eat fast food. Although it is now called “Huntington’s Kitchen” they are very proud to proclaim that “America’s food revolution started here 2009”.

We have settled for the night in the Huntington/Fox Fire KOA in Milton, WV. Thankfully we have all our phone bars and a great Internet connection for the evening so I can post all these entries and get this trip journal caught up. I love being in the wild and wonderful mountain regions of West Virginia, but it sure is nice to have my technology working without difficulties tonight, too!

Happy Travels,


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