Summer in New York travel blog

kayaking and exploring the shores of Esopus Creek

bright yellow fungus on a tall tree

new bridge in the Esopus Natural Preserve

Tai Dye horse in the village

Philly filly in front of most popular store in town!

Princess is best dressed horse and knows it!

Esopus Creek at sunrise - rare for me!

Dot's waterfront property

reflections of fancy abodes

ducklings were hatched on Dot's bank a couple of weeks ago

rest of ducks are hanging in front of a house

After work on the 4th, I drove to my sister's house to spend a couple of days and brought my kayak. A heat wave started up at that time, so we were finding shade in her yard wherever we could, moving around during the afternoon. Dot & I went kayaking in the evening as it was getting cooler, and decided to go out again in the morning.

We went up the creek with our paddles (chuckle here)as far as we could, then docked and walked over the rocks until the creek again opened up into another section good for boating and swimming. If only we were strong and rugged like our forefathers and could carry our boats to this new section! But we are weak and lazy so we walked back to kayak back down the creek in familiar waters.

We docked once again at an outlet in the trail at the Esopus Natural Preserve and walked the trail for a bit. So, we got our exercise with our arms and legs and were content to spend the rest of the day not moving much in the heat. I even took a dip in the creek later that afternoon to cool off! The surface water was refreshing but underneath was actually cold!

Saugerties celebrated Independence Day on Sunday, the 5th of July for some reason. the fireworks were scheduled for 10 PM and Dot had to go to work the next day, so we weren't interested in going to the field with all the other folks. Instead we went into town at dusk and looked at most of the horses on pedestals placed in front of businesses. Saugerties has horses because of the big horse show area north of town near my parents' house. "The horse people" are helping to keep the town alive economically and I think they developed the horses, but businesses sponsored them for themselves, schools and groups to decorate and display.

Dot & I watched the fireworks from our kayaks on the Creek and it was real neat to see the colors and designs reflected in the still waters at night! Later, I slept under the stars in Dot's one-man tent. That's how I happened to get up at sunrise to go back on the creek to get the early morning views and see the ducks!

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