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This was written to go out last night.

Saturday July 3rd, 2010 Northridge to Denver to Cody, WY

Happy 50th Anniversary Brenda & Arnie

Currently we are sitting in the Colorado Sports Bar/Denver airport during layover. So far so god… feel a bit catatonic. My head is still into all the week’s activities. Now Cousin Jan (z”l) has been added to those thoughts. I left my heart at home (all inclusive)

9:15 left house for Flyaway Bus – suitcase was jammed now but sparse when

we arrived. There were “things” I thought I might need.

10:00 left Flyaway Bus (thinking about Oxnard people)

11:00 arrived United Terminal

11:45 arrived departure gate (after 45 in security line) (thinking about Oxnard people)

12;40 received new seat assignments!

12:45 plane departed for Denver (thinking about Oxnard people)

4:30 arrive Denver, lost 1 hr (new gate on other side of the world)

Read nice emails from family & friends

6:15 checked in at gate.

7:15 Call Oxnard before leaving for Cody

8:30 arrive Cody

9:30 rescue Bailey

10:00 Bailey gets a long walk

cool down inside of rig

10:30 Unpack-reorganize/shift belongings & our heads!

Plan morning route & evening destination stay

BUT WE WILL STILL BE IN WY! Soon soon it will be over…

On the plane we met 3 charming young men who were coming back to Cody for the big rodeo day tomorrow. Really nice looking guys! 2 are Bull Wrestlers & one rides the Brahma Bulls. We had a chance to talk & ask questions. Definitely a long way from the Jews of the San Fernando Valley.

Late Friday, Allan was able to find a new GPS unit online & in stock! Hopefully it was processed & shipped. If not it will go out on Tues. It is to be shipped to my bro in Milwaukee. Thanks Ron! You helped ease & reinforce Allan’s decision. Good job!

Looking forward to hugging family in Milw./Minne. Bailey seems fine with no outward signs of distress or problems.

I swear this really happened…. At 10:33 pm, yes tonight, I received a phone call from a very close friend. Sam B. had just been found deceased,in his home. I felt I needed to contact Toba, (she is in Yellowstone with her daughter) get some info from her & give her some help etc… all which I did.

Now I am having trouble logging from my modem….

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