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Well this is called catching up as we sit in the Mojave Desert at Edwards Air Force Base. On Wed. Jun 30, we left Travis Air Force Base (Suisun, CA) and headed south and cought Hwy 99. We drove 230 miles to Visalia, CA where we spent the night at a KOA. We drove took us through golden brown foothills of the coastal range and through the vast green San Joaquin Valley. The change in color was really something. The valley contains over a million acres of irrigated farms. There were many vineyards and orchards.

Thur., July 1, we got up early (5:30AM) to try to beat the heat driving into the Mojave Desert. We drove 164 miles to Edwards Air Force Base. Temp was 64 starting and 94 when we finished driving, also sunny and breezy. Drove through areas pumping oil,vineyards, orchards(orange and olive) cattle ranges and then up to 4,064 ft through the Tehachapi Pass and then down into the Mojave Desert. There isn't much but desert out here. Miles between exits and nothing at the exits. Today we are taking it easy and doing some planning. Not much else to do here. Don't even get any tv stations. Guess we'll watch a movie and play some cards all while trying to stay cool. The AFB is celebrating the 4th this eve. so there are some things going on including fireworks. Chuck heard that the runway here is 18 miles long. The space shuttle has landed here several times.

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