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25th June

Borneo! Transferred straight to Emmas hotel and slept. When she went for her mam at the airport we transferred to our hostel and got drencrd through. We hibernate with everyone else in the snuggly living room area then walked out for tea and a look around the city.

26th June

Highly productive morning. Found the tourist iformation centre where the legend that is Bettie found us. Just started chatting as she was a customer aswel but she ended up giving us loads of advice and eventually taking us to see different brochures at her hostel and helped us to plan our whole time in Borneo. Days packed full! The long treck in the deep forest basin I wanted to do was far too expensive but I'm happy with what we have planned and it means I have a bigger variety of activities. We wandered the city and found another shopping mall where we searched for shoes for Lou.

Met Em and Karen for tea wherethey decided to do the main part of our planned trip with us. After tea they went straight back to their hotel and we wandered finding a local fair/music festival on the way back to our hostel. There was Malaysian rappers and breakdancers. Different. Read half my new book before bed snuggled with the hostels cat.


27th June

Up early for Em and Karen transferring to our our hostel. We then all went straight to see Bettie. Spent two hours with her helping us to book everything, cutting deals for us with people she knows and getting lost talkig on tangents. We only had time for a short look around the Sunday local Market but they were selling puppies kittens ducks and chicks all cramped in tiny cages in the sunlight. Didn't like it much.

Lou and I had decided to take a trip to MaraiMari cultural village expecting it to be a cheesy insight into local tribe culture. We were right. It was like Bemish only the difference is that the guide was insistsnt that the 'tribes people' were genuine and didn't pop to the cinema on the weekend. At one point we were beig shown how to start a fire with just bamboo and because it was wet they were struggling to do it, so to help out someone just switched on the electric light! We got to shoot blow darts and I voulenteered to take part in a ceremony which takes place in the longhouse. Everything is made from bamboo but there was a seperate section of floor which sprung of you jumped on it. You had to get the rhythm right and jump to reach a target. However my feet were wet and I just ended up on the floor.... The furthest away from the target as possible. Ha. We also got to cook traditionaly by stuffing chicken and herbs into a piece of bamboo, seal with leaves and leave on the fire. Ours was still pink at the end of the day so avoided that too. Got some henna drawn on my thumb muscle. Not quite sure why but I just went with it.

Everyone we had spoken to all day was  excited for the England match, realy raised anticipation and we had pre-match drinks with some people we had made friends with in the hostel yesterday. We went out for the match and somehow hit lucky getting seats right infornt of the only big screen. Seemed to recognise eveyone there. The satelite signal was bad so the picture kept getting cut which just added to the excitment. The atmosphere was exactly what I'd been waiting for all this time. Shame it's our last game.....


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