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wnet back to phnom penh for another couple of days to sort out visas for laos, only found out on the way there i didnt need to, i could do it at the border!

ended up spending the 1st day sleeping (something wrong with me lately!!) then had dinner with some english bloke who was on the bus with me from sihanoukville.

the 2nd day was far more enjoyable, went walking by the river (phnom penh really does have a certain charm if u give it a chance) and then met up with the 2 docs i met in sihanoukville, spending the afternoon with 1 of them while the other was playing with guns (big thing here, people paying nearly 100 bucks to shoot an ak47, or for just over 100 bucks u can fire a grenade launcher and blow up a cow. yes, a real cow!! not for me, tyvm). had a really enjoyable afternoon then went for a meal with both of them and 2 aussie guys.

glad i went back to phnom penh, saw a totally different side to it :D

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