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The party starts

The party is getting under way.

Everyone needs to sign the guestbook - it's the same one from...

Brothers Bob and David having a private moment

Darby looking out from under the table

Cousin Marlene is helping getting the food set up

Pat's cousins Gary and Marlene have found comfortable chairs

Removing pig from the roaster

Roasted pig - still has the skin and hair on it.

Mays and Jack annouced their engagement. Sister Anna looks on.

Newlyweds James and Bryce

There was a crowd

And more people

The family tree picture board

Dinner under the tent

More people enjoying dinner under the tents

Food is always better outside under a tent

The food was really great and the company was even better.

Party goers enjoying themselves

There were lots more balloons earlier in the day but they kept...

MMMM really good.

Unveiling the Hell Cycler 2.0

The Hell Cycler 1.0 has it's own web site

An intergral part of the Hell Cycler - it goes in during...

A four layer chocolate delight made by a dear friend with 3...

The white cake

Bob placing his parent's 50th anniversary cake topper onto Pat and Dave's...

Cake with topper.

Happy couple.

Dave and Pat with cakes.

Pat cutting the chocolate gift cake.

Pat in her prom dress

Granddaughter Sydney in Pat's wedding dress.

Bryce carrying the train of the bridal dress

Sydney in the wedding dress dancing with her dad Roger.

The 50th anniversary couple dancing.

The dance ends

Look at the buttons on that dress - how long does it...

Bride dress and prom dress

Pat and Sydney leaving the dance floor

Grandpa looking at Sydney in Pat's dress

Brother Roger and sons Marty and Roger speaking on the occassion.

50 years and still dancing through life together

Sharing a bite

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary Pat and Dave

The party was a smashing success. Family and friends started arriving in the afternoon. The roasted pig arrived and was carved around 4 PM. It was not a sight for the weak of heart - the skin and hair was still on the pig when it was removed from the roaster.

Dinner was served and besides pork, there were two kinds of salad (wild rice and strawberry), onion pie (absolutely fantastic), and bread. Then there was the beer truck with 2 types of beer, wine, tea, and lemonade.

Pat and Dave's son Marty unveiled the Hell Cycler 2.0. It's a converted washing machine invented by Marty and a friend (2 engineers with too much time on their hands) that mixes and dispenses large quantities of drinks.

The music started at 7 PM. Shortly after, Pat came out of the house wearing her prom dress followed by her granddaughter Sydney wearing Pat's 50 year old wedding dress. Then there was Dave dancing with his bride of 50 years and Roger dancing with his daughter.

The music went on until 10 PM and most of the guest began drift home by then. Great party!!

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