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A bit of a rubbish day, overall. Not terrible, just a bit rubbish! We had a smooth enough exit from Kuala Lumpur and only a 2 hour trip here. We had a reasonable plan for finding somewhere OK to just didn't quite work out. Most places were up 2 flights of stairs (not OK for Riffat's knee. Of those that weren't, one had work being done to the flooring and a strong smell of solvents filled the building. We'd have woken up with headaches and strange new cravings, no doubt. So we chose the other one. It was roomy enough, if utterly characterless. There were a series of little annoyances: no wifi in room, only in noisy reception area, bathroom fittings apparently possessed by spirits intent on spraying the whole bathroom, not just where you want water to go, etc. The area managed to be dull, yet busy and hard to get a taxi from. Riffat wasn't feeling great and we needed some good stuff to provide a boost - it just wasn't happening.

So we headed over to the main historical area in chinatown, where all the attractions, places to eat, etc, are. I'd been put off it originally by reviews of places being a bit noisy or quite pricey. A good meal, a wander and a look at a few hotels made it very clear that this is where we should be. The food was great, the place characterful and interesting and there were several hotels in beautiful old buildings, more expensive but not all of them by very much. If we moved, we could stay somewhere memorable, rather than just functional. So we moved. It was frustrating to have thought about it, looked round quite a few places, chosen the best in the area but still have got it wrong. But there comes a point after a journey when you've looked around quite a bit that the thought of trying a whole new area is just too much. You just have to settle for something and expect to move again the next day. In some ways it was easier before when we had no budget to speak of and would stay anywhere that was cheap and not completely nasty!

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