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hmm, what to say??? to be honest, i haven't really done much since arriving 2 days ago. seem to have lost my mojo a bit and seem to be spending a lot of time in my room, mostly reading or watching tv (despite my vow to not watch it on this entire trip). saying that, i did drag myself out for lunch on the beach yesterday at about 2pm and ended up staying at the restaurant til 10pm, first of all helping lena (nice guy that works there) with his english after he came over with his book "stories for 5 year olds" and asked me to read a story to him then read a story to me (cambodians are often really keen to improve their english and find the best way is by both listening to you read and to read out loud to you so you can help them with any tricky words). After that i got talking to a couple of english girls, both doctors and ended up having dinner with them and seeing as'i'm heading back to phnom penh today to sort out my visa and they're heading back tomorrow we've made a loose arrangement to meet up tomorrow night.

As for sihanoukville, i can't really tell you much. i've walked up and down the beach a couple of times and eaten in 2 restaurants but thats about it. not explored the place at all, partly due to the friggin awful weather (raining about 15 hours a day) and partly due to aforementioned lack of mojo. think part of it is it just isnt my sort of place on initial judgements. very nightlife orientated, just an endless procession of bars down the beach but also seems to be the sort of place that attracts unfriendly, agressive english wankers (uh oh, did i just describe myself??? lmao). Anywhere else ive been (langkawi aside) its been really easy to meet people but there just seems to be something here that makes people unfriendly. spoke to sarah and laura about this last night (the doctors) and they agreed with me. hard to explain but usually theres a sort of spirit between backpackers that binds us together but here that seems to be missing.

dont get me wrong, i think maybe its affecting me too, im definitely less chatty than normal but hey hopefully ill pull myself out of this soon.

back to phnom penh later then thinking about taking the 3 day boat journey to siam reap, will keep you posted.

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