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don't know how much i can be bothered to type, so forgive me if this is brief. went to the killing fields today, the place where several thousand people were taken to be killed by the khmer rouge from 1975-1979. basically was a big field with several mass graves (some with bone and teeth right at the top due to the heavy rain we've had) and photos depicting the soldiers killing babies by smashing their heads against trees (saved bullets apparently) and a shrine to the dead, housing thousands of skulls and bones.

After that i went to the tuol sleng prison, a converted school where the khmer rouge took their prisoners to subject them to torture and other attrocities before taking them to the killing fields. hard to explain the emotions that went on for me, all i could imagine was people screaming and crying in pain, wondering what the hell they'd done to deserve such treatment. I'd like to say i was a man and held my emotions together but hey, i didn't, i cried several times and still feel like crying now. such a nasty evil regime like that cant be forgotten, we need to see what went on and pray it never ever happens again.

done nothing else all day really, just been in my room thinking about everything, feeling a bit depressed and reading a book by a survivor "and then they killed my father".

not really feeling up to much, dare say ill spend most of the rest of the day in my room. dont get me wrong, im glad i went, just feel so bad for what these people went through.

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