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State Street from Broadway to the Capitol building

a wind sculpture from last year

a tulip at the entrance to the city

Palace Theater looked like this 100 years ago - except for the...

The building where I worked for a few years still stands! UGH!

I had the pleasure of visiting a few friends in Albany for a couple of days, where I worked and lived for 28 years. Albany and Saugerties (where I was raised) have a Dutch heritage and I am part Dutch, so isn't that just dandy?

Albany gets outdoor sculptures from artists and displays them around town every summer. Some of them stay around for a couple of years, and that's what i saw on this visit. The ones for this year are coming into town during the week and should be in place for their "garden party" on Friday. Brochures should be ready at that time, too - I was too early, so I need to go back, if only for that! I missed the tulip festival that occurs the weekend of Mother's Day, which starts with maidens dressed in Dutch dresses and wooden shoes pushing a broom down State Street to clean it! A tulip queen is crowned during the weekend, and there is a great party in Washington Park with bands, food vendors, and crafts galore!

I should go back through the capital city to take pictures of buildings, parks, and other things that make Albany what it is!

One day, I will take pictures of the historical and interesting places in the small town of Saugerties!

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