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in KL basically as a 2 night, one full day stopover on the way from tioman to cambodia. Didn't arrive til 1am this morning so wasnt up to much today. did a small amount of sightseeing and went to the KL Tower, the 4th largest telecomunications tower in the world. The views from the viewpoint were something else, got some amazing photos of kl showing a city surrounded by jungle and mountains.

not overly impressed with it here. have really realised that cities aren't really my thing any more, i like the quietlife nowadays. Very weird being on my own again and especially having to eat alone.

anyway, id best go, i really need to hit the books and try to suss out cambodia. ive done no research at all and have no idea where the hell im going!!! just decided to go there and to hell with planning, ive really given up on all that!! just look on a map, pick somewhere and go. works for me :D

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