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hey, it's been a while. To cut a long story short i went to tioman for a few dys to recuperate from the ankle problem and ended up staying there for 10 nights! I travelled there with joe and steph who i'd met in the cameron highlands and we went to the small village of juara on the west side of the island.

Don't think i can really do the place justice in words, probably the most beautiful place i've been to with beautiful mountains and jungle on the interior and the most stunning coastline. added to that its really quiet and mostly undiscovered by tourists (so far anyway) and so tourism is limited to a handful of backpackers. the wildlife is amazing too with snakes, monitor lizards, so many monkeys, the biggest bats you've ever seen (sure they were vampire bats), eagles, sharks, turtles. fantastic

After 7 weeks of travelling this was by far the hardest place for me to leave. Why? i don't know really, just such a peaceful undemanding place with none of the trappings of modern life (no internet, 2 tv screens on the entire beach, about 5 cars in the whole village), just somewhere i could just sit and be. spent a lot of the time on my own just chilling on my veranda, staring out at the sea and the jungle thinking how beautiful this planet can be. I found that i've changed a lot, i've calmed down my thinking and can now just sit peacefully, dont sit there thinking too much anymore. joe and steph were constantly running around trying to find something to keep them busy while i was the opposite, almost just trying to keep still.

About 3 days in i met a canadian couple, tom and michelle, and an aussie girl called rosie and we ended up most eating as a group and spending a lot of time together. i initially shared a room with steph and joe but found it all a bit too claustrophobic after a while, just needed my own space.

that's the thing with travelling, i've now made more friends in the past 7 weeks than i'd made in the last 7 years and i think at least a good proportion of them will be friends for a long time.

Leaving tioman also meant leaving steph, joe and rosie behind and i can't emphasise enough what a wrench that was. after 3 weeks you kinda take forgranted the simple things like always having company for meals and just that comfort that seeing a familiar face brings. but hey, that's life, i need to get to kuala lumpur to spend a day or so there before flying to cambodia on 18th june

i've also noticed that lately i seem to be spending longer and longer at places and i think that something in me is kinda itching to put down some roots. we sometimes laugh about comments people make about travelling being hard. i mean, ain't it a bitch travelling from one beautiful place to another!!! lmao. but it is hard in a different way, that thing of never having any roots, a place to call home. having to eat out every night really aint the great thing its made out to be too, id just like some nice home cooked english grub, no more fucking rice or noodles!! Having to make friends over and over again with the knowledge you'll be saying farewell anytime soon. don't get me wrong, i wouldnt change this for anything, defo the best thing i've ever done but it does point out the simple things in life and makes me realise what i have at home.

one final note about tioman: if i had to move permanently to one place ive visited it would definitely be there. who knows, maybe one day :D

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