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Ferry to/from Portsmouth

Quarr Abbey on the skyline

Quarr Abbey

The Abbey's huge chapel

Warm sunny days

Monks at work (from booklet)

Father Nicholas - Guestmaster

RIP Father Joe

Just a brief entry to mark these few days at the Abbey. It's been a lovely peaceful time. I haven't been keeping up with all seven services per day, but it's been good to go some each day, and to begin to understand their pattern and purpose. A lot of it is in Latin, but fortunately they have English translations available.

There are only 9 monks living here permanently, and I get the sense that they struggle to keep up with all the work such a big property requires. They do have some paid workers to help. It's not appropriate to take photos of the community, so the ones I've put up here are from the Abbey's publicity brochure. Father Nicholas has done a good job of looking after me and the other guests (usually about 4 of us at any one time). I get the feeling he quite likes talking to us, well, just talking really!

I was touched to find the grave of Father Joe (Joseph Warrilow) in the community burial ground. It won't mean much to anyone else, but if you have read Tony Hendra's autobographical book 'Father Joe'. you will know who I mean.

On that Ferry tomorrow, to head to London, via a Roman Palace at Fishbourne. Looking forward to seeing cousin Hugh in London on Friday and going with him to Macbeth, at the Globe no less! Then meeting Sarah off the plane on Saturday. Yay!

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