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The flight from Honolulu to Nadi was pretty unremarkable, except that my legs jumped all over the place and I didn't sleep much.

Arrival in Nadi means a big long queue at immigration, whilst listening to the 'Bula Boys Banjo Band' Never has a welcome been so unwelcome. I'm getting impatient now; I want to see the missus, I'm hours late and I know she'll be panicking.

Outside the airport, more waiting for the minibus to the hotel, but the driver has een 'Mrs Sam', and she was asking if I'd arrived!

Hurrah! She's not in China! Bus pulls up at the hotel, jump out, there she is, in the little courtyard beyond reception, run, big that precise moment, Frank Sinatra starts singing "Strangers in the Night" it in my head? No it's real! Perfect!

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