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Holding Mist the koala at Australia Zoo!

A Skink

Massive tortoise

A Cassowary bird

Feeding the roos

Group photo!

Sunbathing with a roo


Holding Mist the koala

Tiger close-up

The wombat going for "time out"!

Crazy Noosa

On the way to Noosa we stopped at Surfers Paradise where we left Claire, Stew and Matt as they also need to make a stop at Brisbane after Surfers. The next stop for us was Brisbane and then we finally made it to Noosa. At the transit centre we bumped into Miriam who was part of the group with us from Sydney to the first night in Byron, and she was headed to Rainbow Beach next.

Paul, Harriette and I checked into Halse Lodge together and our room was opposite Anna, Laura and Lindsay who have also been with us since Sydney. With not much to do here in Noosa, we went to the welcome meeting at 6pm, had some free wine, got some dinner, did some clothes washing and hung out at the hostel. It wasn't too bad as there's a tv living room area, bar, restaurant, terrace, pool table and ping pong table.

We booked ourselves onto the free bus to Australia Zoo back down the coast towards Brizzy and we really had a great day!

As soon as we walked through the ticket entrance, you had zoo keepers standing around with some form of beasty. The first one I met was a skink. I still don't know what a skink is but it looks like a lizard covered in scales that makes it look like a pine cone and it feels like a pine cone. A photo shall be uploaded in the near future.

Then another zoo person was holding a baby croc so I got to stroke its tail, as far away from it's snappers as possible. Then we made our way over to the giant tortoise show where they had basically two big tortoises having some brunch and the keeper was giving a talk about them. Then we made our way over to queue up and feed the elephants! You took a piece of fruit of veg out a bucket then handed it over and was left with some lovely elephant goo with a bit of staw on your hand.

Next to the elephants was a small koala enclosure where a few of them were curled up fast asleep in the trees. They don't do much really. Then we went to the Crocseum for the show! The brought out reptiles, basically snakes, then some really birds and there was one particular one with really long legs so she looked hilarious when she went to land, and then they brought out a croc and he swam around in the pool and they fed him and he jumped out the water and stuff. This particular croc didn't actually want to leave either, so it took the croc attendants quite a long time to coax him back into the water to swim back under the gate to his home.

After the Crocseum we visit the Tasmanian Devils and they liked to run around and around inside their enclosure, there was another koala hang out and they were doing more sleeping, we saw a really big bird that had a small head and a big body. Then we made our way over to Kangaroo Heaven where you bought a bag of roo food out of a vending machine, and the kangaroos were literally lying around a chilling out in the sun, and you could just go up to them and feed while they were lying down and pet them on the head and stroke their ears. Some of them didn't even want any food cause they'd been fed so much during the day already! Photos to follow.

We paid another visit to the elephants in their enclosure and had a chat to their keeper about them, and he was telling us how he's had a few broken ribs in the past and one of the girls was acting up during a show one day and he had to tell her off in front of everyone like she was being a naughty child, and he was explaining how he has to show them who's boss so they can all get along. That was cool.

And then... Drum roll please... It was 2pm and we could go and cuddle a koala and have our photo taken!!! It was really, really cool. The koala keeper woman got you to make a cradle with your arms, then she'd place the koala (Mist) on your front and Mist would give you a little sniff, she looked so sleepy, and she'd put her arms around you to cling on, and then you put your arm around her to give her a big cuddle for the photo, and she was just so soft and lovely! And now Caz and me have agreed to open a koala sanctuary in Australia together and cuddle koalas all day. Apart from that when she was over here, her koala pooped on her and her claws scratched so maybe not.

After koala cuddles we went to visit the tigers, unfortunately we'd just missed the show but they were still hanging out by the pool chewing on some meat. Just outside the tigers were the red pandas, but they looked nothing like red pandas, more like racoons but red.

Before we left the zoo we had to see the wombats and the venomous snakes! The wombats were brilliant, I want one; we got to the enclosure and there was a wombat chilling eating some grass but she was wearing a coat, and a bigger one wasn't. So we asked the wombat keeper why the wombat was wearing a coat, which also had pockets, and she said that she'd been annoying the other wombats and kept getting bitten and scratched, and still wouldn't learn that if she went near them she'd still get bitten and scratched, so they had to put a coat on her. Then the other wombat was with the keeper and it tried to continue digging this hole, and the keeper was trying to keep it away from the hole. The wombat wouldn't give up so the keeper said "Right time to take you for time out!" and Super Nanny picked up the wombat and carted him off to be placed in the time out zone!

The snakes were pretty cool, they sat behind the glass cases and didn't do much, and we could identify all the venomous ones if we came across any out here in the wild. But I really like the green ones, but they weren't venomous.

After the snakes we walked through the avery and saw lots of different types of Australian pigeon! Literally. We passed the birds of prey enclosure and they were chomping on some meat, dead mice or something, and some keepers were walking a couple of dingos across the grass from us.

Back to the front of the zoo we picked up all our photos from the day, and our koala cuddling ones! Then we headed to the bus stop to get the free bus back to Noosa. We dumped our stuff in the hostel and made our way up to Noosa Junction where all the shops and restaurants were and we went to the Irish Murphey's pub for some dinner.

After dinner I went with Harriette and Paul to see The A-Team, it was awesome! And you should all go see it and it was just really good and really funny and action packed goodness. We also saw the trailer for Eclipse so I think I'll be catching that on my own in July when I'm in NZ.

The next day we had a few hours to kill before we could get back on the Oz bus to Rainbow Beach. With again not much to do in Noosa, I went for a wonder around the Junction in the morning, looking round the shops and doing internet cafe things. As I was walking back, down to the hostel, the others were walking up so we all went for lunch together at the Cool Crab cafe before our bus at 3.30pm.

The bus eventually arrived gone 4pm and it was cold by then! But luckily we only had a couple of hours before we arrived at our hostel, Fraser's On Rainbow in Rainbow Beach ready for our 3 day/2 night self drive safari on Fraser Island.

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