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ERIE, PA: Mom has told me that Granddad Brady lived on Cherry Road in Erie, so we are pleased at least to pass by “Cherry Road Extended” as we travel the Interstate, not wanting to try the local roads with the RV and car in tow. We stop in the pleasant Family Campground near Erie where we are able to have a nice walk and exchange a couple of books.

ON THE SHORES OF LAKE ONTARIO: Jim notes as we go north seeking cooler weather and less traffic that the corn gets shorter and shorter; it was almost full grown in Arkansas and Oklahoma but is only about 6 inches high in New York. Another tell-tale sign of the cold is the number of small calf barns, which look like little dog houses. We stop Saturday night near Watertown, NW, at a lovely campground, “Willows by the Lake.” I miss seeing a big bump/drop-off as we enter the campground, which apparently causes the left slide-out brace to lock and it bends when we start to slide it out. I quickly realize something is wrong and we stop it, then working with a soft sledge hammer we get it almost all the way out. Jim decides he will try to take the brace off and pound it out when he gets a chance--we'll see. We don't let it spoil our afternoon or evening though--we enjoy sitting in the gazebo overlooking Lake Ontario. I’m delighted to get to talk to Matt as he concludes his shift just after 1 am, as we won’t be taking or making many calls in Canada at 69 cents a minute. I’m also happy to reach mom, sister Aprille and brother Del as well as friend Rita just before we cross into Canada where Jim has turned off his telephone to avoid excessive data charges and allowed only my more limited telephone to function.

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