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Sirmione's Castle

Italy's version of a patient armband

Buck on LaScaletta balcony with Florence in background

Sheila with Duomo in background from LaScaletta balcony

Sirmione on Lake Garda was a really neat place to visit. The city was surrounded by a large castel and walls with quaint shops located within the castle walls. Verona was an experience! Niles didn't feel well so we took him to an Italian emergency room. The care was top-notch. He is somewhat better now, but we will need to follow up in the US upon return. We are in Florence tonight. We walked to most of the famous sights and were fortunate enough to have made reservations to see David (all 14 feet of him in the hard, cold, marbled, buff). Plus, we strolled right in to the Duomo church (Santa Maria dei Fiore). This is an unheard of feat where there always seem to be lines. It was our lucky day. Our selection of the LaScaletta hotel was excellent. Their balcony looks out on the whole city. Quite a view. More later....Caio!

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