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Sexy Dexy in Shelly Valley




Michael was a leprechaun...I did this. enough said.

* That takes us to Wednesday, and we went to Northern Ireland! But before that, my Mom made Michael and everyone some "Canadian" pancakes! Over here they think crepes are pancakes....NO! :) Then, We got decked out in our silly pink t-shirts and sunglasses and drove u North having a laugh and pointing out basically every sheep we saw. I am sure my dad was happy to be in the front seat, seeing hundreds of flashes in the back from the 3 of us girls taking arm length photos of our faces and hair blowing in the wind. We went to Giant's Causeway then ended up back in Sligo for a gorgeous dinner, thanks to Dad, at Coach Lane.....Alllllright, then we went to Mc Garrigles again and made my Mom say things like "Girl, you nasty" because...well...we thought it was funny. When we ended up back home, the boys cracked the 18 year old glenfidich and we just all chatted by the fire.

* The last day was bitter sweet. I was really sad to have my parents leave, but luckily my mind was filled with other things -- Like how I was going to get out of dressing up like a giant toddler when we brought my parents to the airport! For our last day, we took my parents to Strandhill with the puppies and did a walk to Shelly valley. Gorgeous! Then we had a yummy brunch at Shells before I jumped into an adult sized onsie and put on the baby accessories Michael so "kindly" rushed to pick up 5 minutes prior to leaving. After not dressing up with Michael when he was a leprechaun, it was only fair. Nonetheless, we got my parents to the airport, and their 26 year old daughter dressed as a giant baby..and their new good friend Michael (sans leprechaun outfit) gave them a nice goodbye.

* I am so incredibly lucky to have been able to travel with my parents, it surely brought us even closer together...If that's possible. We already sing Les Mis show tunes in sync.


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