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Bye Bye New Zealand.....

We headed back to Auckland for a night to tearfully say goodbye to our Nissan Pulsar and catch our flight to Fiji. Our return to Auckland took a lot longer than anticipated, subsequently all shops were closed when we arrived. The following morning we were rushing around like headless chickens as we needed to return the car and somehow dump our camping gear. Wanting to get some money for our tent and roll matts and all of our rubbish meant that instead of giving them all to charity we attempted to trade them in. The first Cash Converters we went to said they did not accept any camping gear as they were the last branch before the aiport so we hastily drove to another branch and managed to trade some of our stuff there. Were very pleased when they gave $5 for each of the roll matts (we`d paid $7 and the other Converters was selling them for $3) also we managed to sell the scanky thermos flask that we`d been using to keep rice warm in whilst we cook our curry for $2 when we`d got it for $1 from a charity shop.

We dropped the car off after cruising around Auckland with the music blaring and getting some unusual looks. Fortunately myself & Sharna had a say on what music we`d listen to so instead of the usual George Michael (Luke`s choice) we had the radio blaring, otherwise i`m sure we`d have gotten far more funny looks.

Jumped into the taxi and made it to the airport just in time to check in-phew! Slight issue of Luke`s trainers being left in our hire car so we had to have them chauffeured to the airport in their own private taxi-such an ordeal!

Marie x

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