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new site took some doing to get in between the trees on...

big bonfire planned for Sunday night - gameroom and store in background

pool made to be 4 ft deep all over - new liner...

Because the electric service isn't very good during the week and non-existant when my neighbor comes and uses his air conditioner, I was allowed to move to another campsite with a promise of getting good and consistant electric service. Since it is just behind a small hill with a trailer on top behind where I park, I was pleasantly surprised that I can get the major TV stations, even if they go in and out sometimes! I still have to go outside to talk on the phone and get Internet service only sometimes, but I can live the summer with that. Being able to use the microwave and new convection toaster oven is very important to me!

I've included a few pics of sections of Kellystone, along with my new campsite. Oh - the electric and water posts are 50 feet away from my motorhome, so I need that 25 foot 30 amp cord I bought. I also requested a bucket load of gravel to fill in the living area of my "yard" so that I won't be in mud or rocks when I walk outside.

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