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Hello famiy & friends.... we are indeed getting quite anxious as we deal with the last of the preparations. I feel like we are going to the moon. Certainly there will be no stores where we are going so I have to take all the important items with from home. The Dolphin is back from all repairs as of yesterday. We have signed up with a new tour company for the Maritime Provinces since our tour was cancelled recently due to lack of numbers. Our mail forwarding service is working great. It is the U.S. P.O. that screwed up & has been piling up our mail for over a month. The new camera arrived yesterday, since Allan dropped ours in Yosemite! We are most anxious about Aunt Grace since she has been not doing well. Cousin Steve Abrams & Miss Kitty (cat) arrive tomorrow from Denver & I am sure he is way more anxious than us! All in all, it will be great once we leave. Meanwhile today is Devon's 6th bth party at her gym! We will really miss the little ones! The big one eh? Stay tuned! Love you all!

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