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My park. Doesn't look too bad from this perspective, but the folks...

Zowie! This is a tram within Pipestem State Park. Pipestem flowers will...

Heading east on 20 from Pipestem just checking out the country

I was about 30 feet above this girl shooting down with my...


I came upon Bluestone Lake. It is fed by the New River.

And this is the New River! How do you tell how old...

I bought my diesel from Grandpa

Note the fishermen out in the middle beneath the falls.

Bluestone Dam

A little road to, of course, Bluestone State Park

Looking across Bluestone Lake to Lilly Bridge

...and another vista

and another...oops! That's Hunter and he's very proud because he caught a..........leaf.

Heading out of the park

Another view of my spot at Pipestem. Area is great...was worth the...

I hope it's the UFO waves in the air that are affecting my PC. I can get onto the internet, but each time it knocks me offline, I must completely turn off the computer and begin again. Once it takes me offline, I cannot just sign back on. The photo download process is also agonizingly slow... when I am able to do it. I have four days to catch up on and today makes five...and I've only been able to get part way through my 2nd day posting my photos of Newland, North Carolina with my friend, Patti. From being knocked off to reconnecting...that process is 19 minutes. This is not fun!

I'll be somewhere new tomorrow, so hopefully this is a passing phase oh my computer. And, I have no idea why my camera is not recognized on my laptop. That is a real puzzle to me. I plug it in, the camera lights up, as it should...but the laptop says nothing is connected. My photos are only on the PC.

Enough of my problems. I spent the entire morning getting as much done as I could tolerate on the updates and then I treated Hunter and me to a great excursion.

First, we retraced our steps about a mile and visited Pipestem State Park. Pipestem is a plant. It grows about 3 feet tall, has a white flower which hasn't bloomed yet, and the stalks actually were/are used to make pipe stems! Naturally, no one could show me one and they were out of postcards with pictures of them. It was an immaculate park and we enjoyed the ride through it.

Next, we drove toward our tomorrow destination...I wanted to soak in more nature and also fill up with diesel. We found another state park, a beautiful lake, dam and cute little town... and the New River. Patti told me about this river and yeah, I had never heard of it either. Well, have you? The New River was thought for a long time to be the second oldest river in the world after the Nile! That in itself, is mind boggling. It is indeed very, very old (billions) but they have found older rivers in Australia. It was fun happening upon it. If Patti hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have even asked the name when I was in town. The bridges had sign for the river. Odd. I was hoping it was the New and was thrilled when I found it was.

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