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Where Reip met Jungle

Up in the Canopy, Reminds me of Platoon this one

Me on the boat


Me and huge tree

The leech (bastard)

Huge Ant

The Deep Jungle

Olof and the camp

View from the camp

The night boat, pooed mr up, I couldn't see any rocks, don't...

The entertainment system

Got up early doors, to catch my minibus to Kuala Tembeling, this tiny town on the Tembeling river where you catch a long boat up the river. I was gutted leaving KL as it was the first time I had not been on my own, what with Gaby, Mary and Ron, but I suppose that is what this is going to be like making friends then moving on to the next place.

Well on the minibus up to Tembeling I got chatting to this dutch fella called Olof, good lad but did not like football at all, so was unsure about him at first. Turns out he was heading out on a similar package to me. Arrived at Tembeling for about 11.30 had to wait till 2pm for the boat, which was a right arse as Tembeling is tiny with nothing in it and no air con insight. Managed to get biten 6 times whilst there so does not bode well for the jungle, slapped a aload of mozi stuff on straight after.

2pm came round eventually after lots of talk with old Olof, the boat was awesome classic wooden long boat. The trip up to this town in the jungle called Kuala Tahan took about 3 hours, but it was awesome cruising up rapids and saw some, water buffalo, monkeys and monster water lizards on the way up, a real highlight for me so far. Halfway up to Tahan, we had a bit of an incident, due to the river being at its lowest right now there are huge rocks and shallow patches the driver has to avoid, so yeah you can guess what happened we basically ran aground on some rocks, I think the propeller took a hit too as the engine started making all these dodgy noises, like it was f

Arrived at Kuala Tahan about 5pm and had to get another smaller boat deeper into the jungle to where i was staying Nusa Holiday village. Turned out that, out of the 12 people on the boat only Olof, me and a bloke called Adam a canadian, were actually going to Nusa, what surprised me even more was that us 3 were the only people at the camp, I was thinking what a joke. I tell you this was no holiday village, we turned up and the power had gone and I was in this nasty hostel but the rainforest was awesome, so I thought Reip you can put up with this for 3 nights. Ended up staying with Adam in the hostel, where as Olof had got the top of the range Malay house with air con, but as we had no power that would be no good, which pleased me greatly.

So ended up eating dinner under candlelight just me and the other two, weird night. As we had no power we asked Bus (top boy) our guide what we could do for entertainment, they had no booze or anything, he repiled "Just stop, sit, listen to the orchestra of the jungle", i was thinking your taking the piss out me matey. But that is pretty much all we did do chat and play this crap canadian card game.

Wednesday 11th May

This morning got back in the boat with old Bus and we were dropped off on the river bank by this jungle trail. We were trekking up Bukit Teresek about 400m high and 1.7ks long, we must of been going about ten mins and I was dripping with sweat, yet bus the abo, had not even broken into a slight one, the dutch boy was struggling at this point. Took about 35 mins to get to the top, but some quality views over the jungle. Bus got us chewing some wood he chipped of a random tree, said it was really good for you, but when he was not looking i spat it out, didn't want to affend the dude, tasted like wood to me. On the way down managed to tred in this huge bit of poo in the path, which Bus and the lads found well funny, I did not. I asked Bus what animals it was as im pretty sure it was not monkey or tiger poo, he just kept laughing, I bet it was his the bast**d.

Next up was this canopy walkway, which is apprantly the longest in the world, but they seem to say that about everything I've worked out. This walkway was a rope bridge suspended 45 metres up in the trees. The dutch kid Olof was scared of heights but he still done it, I couldn't resist so when we were walking on a fairly long section I started shaking the bridge, he pooed himself for a minute, well funny.

After lunch we hit the rapids in the long boat and got soaked. On the way back we stopped to have a swim in the river, the water was so hot. Swam to the other bank and then stopped in the middle of this huge river sitting in the middle of the rapids on a rock. Olof had bailed by this point the pussy, Sat there for about 30 mins chatting to the boss Bus, turns out he was born in the jungle, can full on survive out here on his own. The boy is a player mind you as he seems to bed loads of western women who come up here, well so he says.

Got back to the camp and power had been restored turns out that there is something to do here at night other than listen to the orchestra, and thats listen to quite possible the worst Karoke attempts you will ever hear, they were banging out some malaysian tunes from 6 till 1 in the morning. Probably worst than a night down the monkeys boys.

Caught site of a python today in camp, which is apprantly really rare and saw a Porcupine. That night trekked into the jungle to catch some animals out and about only really saw a Tarantula, but that was good enough as it started peeing down and when it pees down in the jungle it pees.

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