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ok, so just spent an hour writing this then the bloody thing didnt save. to cut a long story short ive now spent 5 days trekking then had 2 rest days. have gained so much confidence doing some pretty hardcore treks and really proud of everything ive achieved here. did originally go into detail about the treks but can't be bothered to type it all twice!basically climbed 3 mountains in 2 days then slipped and potentially broke my ankle. 2nd time ive done my ankle in a week, think something isnt right, was in screaming agony 2 nights ago but seems to be really up and down at the moment, swollen 1 minute fine the next. being a bit stupid and not getting it checked out, just figure its pointless, will just rest it for a couple of weeks then see how its doing.

totally changed my plans now, now heading to pulau tioman for a week then up to cambodia before flying back down to borneo in about 3 weeks time to do some trekking.

sorry its so brief, just wrote war and peace and not in the mood to do it again!


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