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Nurses were everywhere! We were waiting in que outide the Abby

Nighingale Service, Westminster Abby

Nighingale Service, Westminster Abby

London's Thames Rives, Southbank

After a couple weeks back in BC (Squamish and Victoria) - where we met up with friends, swapped our parkas for our "Africa backpacks", did our taxes, and had an Orientation with VIDEA for the Zambia volunteer experience coming up - we flew to London, England.

Shaun's sister Lisa ('Lil Lise as we call her) met us at the airport and it is SOOO great to see her and be part of her neck of the woods. We have 3 weeks to explore this part of the world, and have some plans for exploring England, Ireland, and France...

International Nurses Day, London

We had an incredible experience on International Nurses Day, where we happened to obtain two free tickets to the Florence Nightingale service at Westminster Abby. It was one of those really amazing experiences, where everything fell into place we had no idea it was Nurses Day, or that anything special was happening!

It's also a "hung parliament" in England right now, and the tv cameras and reporters are everywhere outside the parliament buildings and the Cathedral. Shaun and I were exploring the city, and decided we should try to get inside the Abby/ Cathedral for a look around. There was a que to get in, so we got in line and started chatting with the ladies ahead of us. They were some very colourful broads from Wales, here for the "Florence Nightingale Service".

When they found out we were nurses, they gave us the tickets to the service (one of them had "connections"), and we ended up with front-row seats in a packed house! We even had a private showing of the a new Stainglass window that was being unveiled that day. Desmond Tutu was the guest speaker and gave SUCH an inspiring speech. He even winked up at Shaun as he walked past us!

When the choir sang, I can,t even describe how it felt. The acoustics made it feel three-dimensional, like we were inside the music. I get goosebumps just thinkin about it. And to top it off, the setting sun was shining through the stainedglass window right down onto our faces. It was a magical moment that I will never forget.

Back to real-time:

Well, I must say it feels strange to be a travelling nomad, but I,m enjoying it so far! We leave for Southern Africa in one week; and will be then be heading to Zambia to work in a hospital there for 3 months. I anticipate having some challenging times there, and am enjoying the ease of travel at the moment.

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