Calhoun's 2010 Celebration Cruise - Retirement, Wedding Anniversary (20 yrs), and fun with Cindy's Mom - Gin travel blog

Our flight from London to Dulles was on-time and a wonderful way to fly. The Limo was awaiting us and we arrived home about 10 PM. Virginia did not rest well on the flight and was exhausted. We were quite disappointed that our bathroom was about 50% completed. Never believe a contractor as to when they will finish the job. His claim was that he saw a bear last Saturday near Harpers Ferry, WV, went into the field to photo it and the bear thought he and his girlfriend got too close. Result was he did not work on the bathroom for about 8 days. Only believe what you see and nothing that is told to you by a contractor. After a week at home with Cindy managing the job, the bathroom is about 80% done. Hopefully it will be done next week (June 7th week). This will complete our wonderful journey and our journal for this trip. Thank you for joining with us and allow us to document our glorious trip as it happened. ED

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