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Wednesday May 26, 2010 at 0830 we officially arrived in the Netherlands at the city of Nijmegen (say it like it is spelled), we are in Dutch Country. Not much to write about Bonn, Germany as you saw in the previous day's blog - it was a typical large city. Only difference was the open air fruit, vegatable, meat, cheese and flower markets in the center city. All of the "great shopping" did not materialize for the ladies. We had the typical 3 meals on board the ship and a fun night in the lounge watching a magican performing his humor and decent magic tricks. The ship left Bonn about 2200 and sailed throughout the night. Sunrise today was 0530 and sunset will be 2134 hours tonight. (18 hours of daylight) We are getting pretty far north and into the 24 hour daylight time of the year, but will be home before we experience the really long days - We are still 6 hours ahead of you time wise in the states.

We will join the Red Team with Martin and take a tour of the city this morning and have the remainder of the day for rest & relaxation. Our tour director turned out to be a local guide, who was in a red windbreaker and held our red flag high in the sky for everyone to see, even though he was about 6'4" and we could see him quite well without it.

I is cold, windy and raining!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm now in McDonalds sending you this.


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